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We use five simple steps to break

down the design process and help create the perfect brand identity for you.


Once you contact us we will be in touch to get a quick overview of your needs and go over the scope and timeline.


We will send you a quote with an outline of the project and pricing.


Once they are approved, a 50% deposit is required to begin the project.



Research is the most important step in the brand identity process. ​


Sending us some info about your brand and any design specifications, i.e fonts, colour palettes, inspirational styles etc, will help us develop the best design possible.


We want to be zeroed in on the exact direction you’d like us to explore.

Concept Proposal

We will create 2 - 4 concepts and present them to you within the first week.


From here, you can choose up to 2 concepts that you would like us to continue developing, and we’ll also have a few questions to ask you in order to highlight exactly how we can best improve these concepts moving forward.


Concept Development

A project scope always includes at least 3 rounds of revisions, these are little checkpoints where we’ll touch base with you and present how we’ve further developed your chosen concepts, after which we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. ​


More revisions are always available if need be, although additional costs may incur.

(It usually takes less than 3.) ​


Often we will come up with some new ideas here, so we may also provide some fresh concepts to see if any peak your interest.

Refinement & Finalisation

At this stage we will have developed and revised your chosen concepts to a point that we hope you’ll love. ​


From here we will proceed to final refinement in order to perfect the finishing touches, and the process will move on to either completion or printing stages, whichever is applicable. ​


We’ll be sure to walk you through each stage and always respond promptly to any questions or queries you may have.


It’s our job to ensure you’re always aware of what is happening, and you’re wonderfully pleased with the finalised products.