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Bells Beach Haven

A coastal paradise, experience pure tranquility between sun-kissed shores and rich, earthy nature.

Project Scope
Visual Identity
Web Design
Publication Design
Print Collateral
Digital Media

Michael and Melissa wanted to create a visual identity for their newly open beachside vacation home that not only expressed an essence of coastal bliss and soothing tones, but also depicted a firm sense of poise and sophistication. A heavenly getaway that lets guests escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embrace the magic of seaside living.

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A dream-like seaside getaway, situated on the Bells Beach coast. Experience a surrounding of enchanted vegetation and breathtaking ocean views that stretch as far as the horizon.

Conceiving a visual identity, web design, publication and print for a refined but relaxing vacation home. Aiming to provide guests with a firm feeling of quality construction and finishes, alongside a homey, rustic friendliness to the property. The project called for a collision of warm welcome and sophistication, neutral tones and soft but elegant typography allowed this integration to take place.

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Coming Soon...

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